"what did you even do before you joined tumblr"

To Bryan Konietzko, Michael DiMartino, Joaquim Dos Santos, Jeremy Zuckerman, Bill Rinaldi, Lauren Montgomery, Colin Heck - everyone that has ever been involved in the LoK production and creation process - we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for producing such a wonderful, phenomenal, awe-inspiring show. 

We thank you for your dedication, hard work, and tireless effort to make The Legend of Korra the wonderful show it is today. You all have touched so many lives, in the U.S. and beyond, and we thank you for making another phenomenal show in the universe that we all know and love. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


Harajuku girl Natsu in red sailor outfit with sneakers and a Neon Genesis Evangelion tote bag. Full Look

Friend 1: What's the capital of Ohio
Friend 2: gozaimasu